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Whilst undertaking a service our plumber, Steve Wilkinson of Accrington, will inspect the condition of your central heating water. In most cases it will be acceptable. If you are experiencing problems with cold spots on radiators, air in radiators or a general lack of performance this could be attributed to sludge build up in the system. An experienced plumber and power flusher can deal with these problems.

We can diagnose this and remove this if you wish with the use of our power flushing machine. Powerflushing has become a buzz word within our industry over the last few years but our plumbers only undertake this if they deem it to be completely necessary.

System alterations and the increased efficiency of a new boiler can dislodge accumulated debris which may then gather in the boilers heat exchanger resulting in system noise, reduced efficiency and, in severe cases, boiler failure. You will need an experienced plumber for this job. At He High Efficiency in Accrington we have an experienced plumber by the name of Steven Wilkinson who can take care of this.

An increasing number of systems are found to contain corrosion and sludge, even if no flow problems are currently apparent.

Modern high efficiency, compact boilers are more susceptible to circulation problems caused by corrosion and debris in the system water.

Steven Wilkinson of Accrington recommends that older heating systems are power flushed immediately before renewing the boiler to prevent possible future problems.

If you have home in Accrington then Power flushing is for you. It is a process by which water, at high velocity but low pressure, is forced through a central heating system. The effectiveness of the process can be increased by adding chemical cleansing and mobilising agents.

The Power flushing equipment is connected to the system across the flow and return pipe work. The high speed flow generated by the equipment, together with its quick reverse capability, will dislodge and flush deposits and corrosion through the machines full-flow drain whilst, at the same time, filling the system with fresh water from a hard connection via your water main. Power flushing is much more effective than traditional methods.

Boiler manufacturers are increasingly reluctant to carry out warranty repairs where it is suspected that the fault has been caused or exaggerated by debris/sludge in the system.

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